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Karthik Dondeti

Is an Architect, Generative Artist based in Bangalore, India.

He holds an MDesS in Design and Technology from Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and a B.Arch from SPA, Delhi. He has in the past worked as a Computational Designer with Research programs at the Sustainable Design Lab, MIT and Visual Computing Group, Harvard University.

Karthik is a founder of Voxelscapes -  an Architecture and Computational Design studio and a co-founder of Codebalé - Generative Art studio based in Bangalore. He has been teaching courses on Architecture, Computational Design and Creative Coding at various colleges of architecture, art and engineering.


'Digital' is his primary medium of expression and apart from architecture and design, he dabbles extensively in authoring conceptual design tools, data visualizations, algorithmic and data driven art and real-time graphics programming. 

karthik dondeti construction site
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